How Old Are Your Contacts?

Have you ever needed or wanted to know how old someone in your contact list is, but you can’t remember or just plain don’t know? Well, if you have an iPhone with Siri, and a little attention to detail, you can find out without having to ask the potentially embarrassing question.

When you add or edit a contact in your contact list, there’s a handy-dandy spot to insert their birthday. If, when inserting the birthday, you’re able to add the year, you’re all set. All you will have to do to find out someone’s age is ask Siri, “How old is [Contact’s Name]?”

And as an added bonus, their birthday will appear in your iPhone’s calendar along with how old they will be on their next birthday.

By the way, my birthday is September 21, 1970. I like iTunes gift cards. 🙂

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