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These days, there are apps for practically everything. I recently started taking serious charge of my health and, as with everything else in my life lately, searched for apps to help me. I had two basic needs; log my weight and keep track of calories. But more than just apps, I needed motivation, and a good swift kick in the ass. That’s where CARROT came in. Not the vegetable (what’s a veg-ta-ble?) but the apps.


This app has two distinct features.  First and most importantly for me is the weight tracker. After entering your vital information, you log your weight at whatever interval you choose. I do it weekly. As you lose weight, you get praise, but if you gain weight, you get shamed. Not in an “I want to go hang myself from the nearest McDonald’s sign” way. Just a mild but necessary, in my opinion, ass-kicking.

The second feature is what they call the “7 Minutes in Hell Workout.” I tried it once and after this near-death experience, I picked myself up off the floor and decided to stick with my C25K workout.

You can download this app for your iPhone HERE.

And here are a couple of videos explaining the two distinct features I just described.

CARROT Fit Video 1

CARROT Fit Video 2


This app is a great calorie tracker.  You can enter food in several ways. Search for it, scan barcodes, or enter your own foods. There’s even a widget for your notification screen so your remaining daily calories are only a swipe-down away.

You can download this app for your iPhone HERE.

Here is a video explaining the app.

CARROT Hunger Video


CARROT knows how to “bring the snark.” They give you just enough sarcasm to get your attention and even make you laugh at yourself, but not so much that you get upset. Although, I have a pretty high tolerance for sarcasm and snark so if you are highly sensitive, you might want to avoid these apps.

One final note. These apps are only for the iPhone. Sorry, Android and Windows Phone users.


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