Don’t Be Afraid To Chat

This isn’t necessarily limited to your technology, but since the advice itself is about something that is actually done on a computer, I’m calling it an IT Tip.

How many times have you called in with a question and waited up to half an hour for someone to pick up? When you finally get them, you might even have trouble understanding them. When you need help from customer service, don’t be afraid to use the web chat feature offered on company websites. In the past week, I have needed customer service three times. In all cases I tried the web chat feature. I waited no more than 30 seconds to get someone, and the person was able to answer my question and resolve my issue within about five minutes. And because they were typing, there was no issue of possibly not understanding an accent. 

Now admittedly, my questions were not complex. And of course wait times and duration of chat will vary. But I really think I saved a ton of time doing it this way.

Give it a try next time you need help from customer service.

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