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How Old Are Your Contacts?

Have you ever needed or wanted to know how old someone in your contact list is, but you can’t remember or just plain don’t know? Well, if you have an iPhone with Siri, and a little attention to detail, you can find out without having to ask the potentially embarrassing question. When you add or […]

Lose Weight With CARROTs

These days, there are apps for practically everything. I recently started taking serious charge of my health and, as with everything else in my life lately, searched for apps to help me. I had two basic needs; log my weight and keep track of calories. But more than just apps, I needed motivation, and a […]

“What Am I Doing Today?”

If you’re an iPhone user and use your calendar and want quick synopsis of what you are up to, just ask Siri. You can say things like “Read today’s events,” “read tomorrow’s events,” “read this weekend’s events,” or “read events for [specific date].”